'Tara Bhuyan', born and brought up in the North-Eastern state of Assam, dreams of uplifting the weavers back home and showcasing this woven dream in the form of her design sensibilities.
  “My design ideas start from the base, I intend to work on the bigger picture by visualizing the ramp. Through my designs, I want to show the world how with the usage of elegant weaves, one can make an Indo-fusion outfit. My collection captures the essence and ethos of the Assamese tapestry. The sensitivity and the warmth of the craft traditions speak within the weaves of the North East."- Tara Bhuyan







The ideology behind Tara Bhuyan's origination is to give a global platform to the rich, unique, beautiful, and purest form of weaves and to our weavers of Assam, who work tirelessly to create our beautiful creations. Our craftsmen working painstakingly with the beautiful vintage designs of Khinkhap, Karbi, Phoolboota, Jhaapi etc on the silk which has its significance. Our creations are commonly based on the three gems of Assam- Muga Silk, Paat, and Eri (Ahimsa Silk). Commonly, weaves in their sterling form have always been the forte of our collection which you can witness throughout our collection, but to match the global demands and competition and modernize our weaves, we are working on the different blends of weaves like Muga Chiffon, Eri silk and Eri cotton




Sustainable, Prestigious, and Quality Style


‘Woven Dreams of Assam’  encapsulates the essence of Assamese culture- Weaving. Here, at Tara Bhuyan Couture, We showcase different forms of natural weaves of Assam and uphold the utmost richness of Assam silk and cotton in modern aesthetics in the global market. We transform Assam Indigenous Silk fabrics into the most exquisite Mekhela Chadar (Sador), Sarees, Lehengas, Gowns, and Fusion wear. Tara Bhuyan Couture is all about nurturing the pride and beauty of Assam and bringing out breathtaking creations which will hold the surreal beauty and grandeur of the North East.





“Assamese women weave dreams on their looms.”- M.K.Gandhi





Mekhela Chadar (Sador)  is the traditional dress of Assam. It is undoubtedly the one of most graceful, elegant, and royal attires of India. There are two main pieces of clothing in it- The Mekhela and the Chadar.

The bottom portion i.e the Mekhela, is draped from the waist down like a skirt and is pleated and tucked inside. The top portion i.e the Chadar (Sador), is a long yard of cloth that has one side tucked into the Mekhela and the rest of the Chadar is draped over and around the rest of the body.



Assam is a hub of traditional, rich silk in the form of Muga, Paat and Eri ( Ahimsa Silk). Among these, Muga silk is the most prominent, rare, and prestigious one. From the past century of the Pal dynasty, King Dharma Pal sponsored the craft and brought 26 weaving families from Tantikuchi to Sualkuchi. Since then, most Assamese homes can boast about how a loom and weaving are essential parts of an Assamese household. Weaving in Assam gained popularity since the Ahom era. Handloom weaves were at the peak of their glory during this period. Spinning and weaving were the most recognized profession of every Assamese household since then. In the past, there were many royal looms for producing special types of fabrics for the royal families. They were called Rajagharia looms. They used to send their silks as gifts to the Mughal court.

Weaving is the traditional industry of Assam. Weaving beholds the identity of women of Assam. The Handloom industry plays a vital role in the economic growth of the country.