Vision & Mission

The ideology behind Tara Bhuyan's origination is to give a global platform to the rich, unique, beautiful, and purest form of weaves and to our weavers of Assam, who work tirelessly to create our beautiful creations. Our craftsmen working painstakingly with the beautiful vintage designs of Khinkhap, Karbi, Phoolboota, Jhaapi etc on the silk which has its significance. Our creations are commonly based on the three gems of Assam- Muga Silk, Paat, and Eri (Ahimsa Silk). Commonly, weaves in their sterling form have always been the forte of our collection which you can witness throughout our collection, but to match the global demands and competition and modernize our weaves, we are working on the different blends of weaves like Muga Chiffon, Eri silk and Eri cotton
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